About Us

Network Towers was founded and is managed by NB+C, a leading telecommunications development firm with over 35 years in the industry, to help support the wireless networks of our customers. Our specialized team builds tower assets with a focus on multi-use, location and ease of accessibility through a streamlined leasing process.

Our Services

Wireless Service Provider (WSP) Build-To-Suit

  • Targeted Tower Development Based Upon WSP Radio-Frequency Criteria
  • Creative Solutions to Challenging Targeted Locations
  • Comprehensive Deployment Tracking By Network Towers Team

Strategic Development

  • Targeted Tower Development Based Upon Network Towers Criteria
  • Fully Executed Leases, Engineered and Entitled Properties
  • Rapid Construction Commencement Upon WSP Commitment

Turnkey Solutions

  • All Tower Development Services Performed By In-House Network Towers Team
  • Network Towers Team Comprised of Dedicated Project Managers, Engineers, Site Acquisition Consultants, Land Use Professionals and Construction Managers Who Specialize in New Tower Development

How We’re Different

Diverse Expertise

Network Towers has subject matter expertise in complex new tower development combined with local knowledge in targeted geographies.

True Partners

We are both aggressive and disciplined when it comes to evaluating opportunities for developing new towers. Our goal is to build the right towers in the right locations for our clients.

Responsive Team

Our dedicated team of development professionals is prepared to mobilize and react quickly to new projects.

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